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The album contains 11 original songs, recorded at His House/Innsbruck Studios in Brooklyn NYC. It's produced by James Maddock and recorded by Roman Klun. Musicians are: Aaron Comess, Andrew Mortali, Ben Stivers, James Maddock and Joy Askew.

As a consumer of music I've always enjoyed albums that grows on you, songs that lasts and sticks with you through the longest time. With this album my aim is to do just that. It's always hard to judge your own stuff - but I can't do better than this. In the hands of James Maddock and with such fantastic musicians participating I think it came out just amazing - and I do hope you'll enjoy it for a long time to come!

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Hans "Ludde" Ludvigsson

Yes. I'm Swedish. But since I've got at lot of friends and fans in Europe and the US and writes most of my stuff in English, I'll stick to it on this site. If you don't know me, this is a short introduction.

I'm a singer/songwriter in the "Americana/Folk Rock" category I guess. I've done three albums so far and the fourth is on its way. I've been doing music for decades and before focusing on my own stuff, most people knew me as a keen interpreter of Springsteen. I still love doing covers of others great songs, but the world needs good new music too and hopefully my songs can find their way to your heart.

Look me up on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all major platforms. I'm an independent artist so every stream, download or bought cd makes a difference. Be my friend on facebook. And most importantly - go see live music. The world needs it. 

Gigs n' Stuff

  • March 1 Soulcompagniet - AllStar Festival Jönköping
  • March 8 Soulcompagniet - The Troubadour, London
  • March 9 Soulcompagniet - Mau Mau, London
  • March 13 Sveriges Radio P4 Jönköping 12.20
  • March 15 RELEASE Single Made To Be Broken on all major on-line stores and streaming services 
  • March 16 Concert pre-release "BROOKLYN" with full band - Sliver Jönköping 
  • April 26 Concert with Mats Westling, Jolie Live, Jönköping
  • May 11 Concert Kafé Himlavalvet, Stockholm


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